Frequently Asked Questions! 

Questions are the root of all answers! Here are our most commonly asked ones. 

When does the course start?

Whenever it suits you! We have designed Bells Box Academy so that it is a self-paced online workshop that you can work through at your own pace. 

YAY! I have been looking for a game-changing Wedidng PLanning course like this! Is it going to answer all of my wedding planning questions?

We like to think so! The exercises and tutorials in our courses are designed to give you truly invaluable insights into the wonderful world of wedding planning and will provide a level of detail above and beyond what’s in our book and on our blog. More importantly, our courses will empower you to make smarter choices during your planning process and to trust your instincts. You’re going to love it! 
Each of our online classes has been designed to target that area of your planning and help you truly take the planning process into your own hands so that your wedding day is free of unnecessary stress, wasted energy and blown budgets. And to help you plan a day that truly represents you as a couple.

Can I share my access to this course with my friends?

No, but thank you for asking!
Your enrollment fee gives you a access for one year access for one user. We are a small business and work hard to bring you the most value that we can. We also want wedding planning to be affordable to all couples regardless of budget. We have created our courses in a manner that they can be offered at such low prices to accomplish this. If our courses are shared under one login, then our value is diluted and we will not be able to offer our services at the same prices. So let’s just be honest!  If you have a friend that would like to participate in our academy but just doesn’t have the dough….let’s chat, we have a scholarship program that might be a fit for them! 

Will you be on hand to answer my questions?

This is a self-paced course that’s designed to empower and educate you to make smart decisions. I wanted to create a course that you could access at any time of the year, wherever you’re based. We have designed the course in a manner that should you need to ask us a question, you have access to our BB Concierge program to ask a specific question. We also enroll you in our Bells Box Academy Facebook Group where the floor is open for questions and where you can see previous questions and answers on different wedding planning topics. 
It’s our hope that you won’t need to ask any questions if you follow the course all the way through. We have also included lots of tips, bonus sections and words to the wise throughout the courses which cover the most commonly asked questions and sources of confusion and frustrations! Our process is there to both inspire and reassure you that you’ve totally got this.

I am a wedding professional, can I take this Course?

Absolutely! We would be thrilled and we know that you will get so much from it.
As a fellow wedding industry professional yourself, you’ll be aware of just how much energy, time and experience has gone into creating our platform. We hope that you’ll be inspired by what you learn here and we know you’ll respect our copyright by not repurposing any of the content, downloads or classes for your own clients. The content here is strictly for personal use only.

If this isn’t for me, can I get a refund?

We have a 14-day money back guarantee for these assets because we know that when you are planning a wedding, every penny counts towards that budget. AND we want you to be happy. We are pretty confident that you are going to love our system and our process but in the rare case that we just aren’t what you are looking for, email us within that time period to and we will refund your money.

After that time period is over, no refunds will be given as this is a digital course. 

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